What The Restaurants Don’t Want You To Know

A lot of people think that by going to a restaurant instead of getting fast food, they’re avoiding the bad stuff and getting better nutrition.

The truth? Unfortunately, a vast majority of restaurants are supplied the same thing you can find on the shelves at the dollar store.

Having worked directly with several restaurant supply companies, I can tell you this: if you imagine that the restaurants in your area are using wholesome ingredients and making things from scratch, you’re believing exactly what they want you to.

While a very small percentage of places are actually cooking from scratch, most are essentially putting three to four products together and making it look nice on a white plate.

Without naming names, I’ve seen a whole city almost entirely supplied by 3 different supply companies – whether the restaurants charge three dollars a plate or forty dollars a plate.

In the end, you get the same products – you’re simply paying for the illusion.

But what does it mean for your health? Quite simply, you aren’t getting what you bargained for. The dishes that seem to comprise six or seven ingredients can easily contain thirty, from ‘fresh’ foods riddled with preservatives to even simple sliced fruit having seven or more ingredients. The sad fact is, by going to a restaurant, you’re putting yourself in front of a firing squad of food additives.

If you’re like me, you’re might be putting your faith into ‘healthy’ restaurants. These places claim to use ‘local and organic ingredients whenever possible.’ Well, I’ve personally witnessed places such as these being supplied by the same food suppliers as fast food franchises.

And what’s worse – as with any restaurant, these places have to follow stringent food sanitation guidelines. I’m personally disgusted by what I’ve seen done in the name of food safety. Dishes are coated in a slew of sanitation chemicals, and left to air dry – then your food is put right on the plate. No rinsing, no cleaning. Yuck.

To test this same chemical out, when I used to work for restaurants, I applied the stuff to the container’s label – which melted the paper in about thirty minutes. This is the type of chemical with 14 warning labels on it, and it has direct contact with your food. In fact, it’s applied to every food surface in the building.

Well, I know I ruined this for some of you. But! Think of the positive: you can save money by avoiding the nastiness of restaurant food, and your health will thank you for it!

Of course, I have to mention the fact that not all restaurants are like this. Some people out there actually care about what they’re feeding the public. If you can find a place like this, where you’re sure they’re sticking to their word, cherish it! It’s much more expensive to run a restaurant that way, and sadly they don’t always stick around for long.

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