Top 10 Most Eye-Opening Health Documentaries You Must See!

2. Food Matters (2008)


What’s it about?

Food Matters discusses a broad range of topics in food and health, with a cohesive message that ends up a guide to healthier living. A gathering of experts lead you through critical information on disease prevention, the medical industry, and healthy lifestyle. The message: the food you eat matters!

Why’d it make the list?

If you could watch only one health documentary on the list, it would have to be Food Matters. Anyone – from a beginner to an expert on health – will find useful information. And somehow, even while learning a ton along the way, it never feels overwhelming.

As we said at the very start of this list: if it’s not entertaining it can’t make the list. Food Matters made #2 because of its unique ability to entertain and inform, inspire but not preach! It features some of our very favorite health advocates, and best speakers in the field. This is truly the cream of the crop!

Watch It or Buy It Here:

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