Top 10 Most Eye-Opening Health Documentaries You Must See!

3. Carb Loaded: A Culture Dying to Eat (2014)


What’s it about?

Lathe Poland is hit with a bombshell: he’s fit and healthy… and has been diagnosed with diabetes. How can that happen? Carb Loaded, through expert interviews, attempts to discover the reason behind the diabetes epidemic. High carb diets and the Standard American Diet are put under the microscope.

Why’d it make the list?

Carb Loaded never gets too heavy with biochemistry or gets in over its head in politics. It’s the pure entertainment value of this documentary that makes it worth a watch – it’s lighthearted, hilarious, but still manages to be informative. Poland will make you both laugh and think, and after it’s done, you probably won’t be reaching for the whole grain bread at the supermarket anymore.

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