Top 10 Most Eye-Opening Health Documentaries You Must See!

4. Statin Nation 1 & 2 – The Great Cholesterol Cover-up


What’s it about?

Even though the title focuses on statin drugs (for cholesterol management) and their effects on health, the biggest concept and take-away from Statin Nation focuses on cholesterol itself. Is cholesterol healthy or not? Are low cholesterol diets even effective? These two films force you to rethink your ideas on fat.

Why’d it make the list?

Very seldom do you come across a documentary that forces you to change your ideas of healthy food. This one does just that. With tons of information and easy-to-understand science, Statin Nation could very well have you putting eggs and bacon back on the menu. And if you’re taking statins, this documentary series is a ‘must see.’

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Statin Nation 1







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