Top 10 Most Eye-Opening Health Documentaries You Must See!

7. Fat Head (2009)


What’s it about?

Fat Head is a blunt contradiction to its counterpart, Super Size Me (#6 on our list). Comedian Tom Naughton takes the opposite approach to Spurlock, attempting to lose weight on a fast food diet, and questioning everything we know about healthy eating.

 Why’d it make the list?

There’s plenty of surprises to be found along the way, and Tom’s comedic approach to the subject is super refreshing in contrast to the average doom and gloom health documentary. You may find yourself questioning some of your idea on healthy diets by the end of the film – and the ending will certainly surprise you! With a premise of losing weight on fast food and observing the consequences, how could you not watch? Highly recommended: watch Super Size Me first, so you can understand the premise in this film.

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