Top 10 Most Eye-Opening Health Documentaries You Must See!

8. GMO OMG (2013)


What’s it about?

GMO OMG offers an introduction to the health and environmental concerns over Genetically Modified Organisms. From the perspective of a concerned father, GMO OMG follows a journey across the USA looking for answers about the safety and effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of GMOs. What he finds might surprise you!

Why’d it make the list?

We’re suckers for the “one man’s journey” approach to filmmaking…! First, it’s fun and always quirky. Secondly, it gives us the opportunity to see what would happen if we had chosen to take the very same journey. In the search for answers, GMO OMG features relevant people involved in the real industry – farmers, corporations, and us, the consumers. Watch as an average guy takes on Monsanto in a search for answers!

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