Top 10 Most Eye-Opening Health Documentaries You Must See!

“We are only as blind as we want to be”

~ Maya Angelou

Who says learning can’t be fun?

Some of the best filmmakers in the world have been working hard over the years to bring you something unique – ‘documentaries’ that entertain as much as they inform!

We, here at Twisted Veggies, decided to “take one for the team” (so-to-speak) and viewed film after film to come up with the most eye-opening, must-see documentaries ever made about health.  Trust me, these are not the boring, monotone documentaries you were forced to watch in second grade.  Some are fun, some are serious… but they’re all entertaining!

Let’s get started beginning with:

10. Fed Up (2014)


What’s it about?

In modern America, being overweight is like wearing a sign that says “I can’t control myself!” Is that fair? We’re constantly being told that if we’re fat, it’s because we lack discipline, we have snack amnesia, or we just don’t do enough exercise. Fed Up looks at the flipside of the issue – on one hand we’re told to avoid junk food, and on the other hand junk food is promoted by political and corporate interests. In the end, extremely fattening and addictive ingredients end up at your dinner table and in the school cafeterias. Is it any wonder that people – especially children – are confused about weight management?

Why’d it make the list?

Fed Up provides a serious argument against the mass processing of foods in the USA. While at times a little extreme, the facts presented are still important to think about. The documentary itself proved entertaining (even with a serious tone) from start to finish, and we found ourselves pausing the film over and over for discussion. Though it only ranked #10, the production value and information put the film over tons of others that didn’t make our list, and it’s definitely worth your time!

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