The Most Important Thing You Must Have To Regain Your Health

“Obstacles cannot crush me; every obstacle yields to stern resolve.”  Leonardo da Vinci

Straight to the point!

The first and single most important step to recognizing true health in today’s world is not studying herbal remedies or learning about unhealthy things to avoid. The absolute first thing you have to do when you feel run down, unhealthy, or unhappy… is find your resolve.

Resolve is a noun, meaning “firm determination to do something.”

Resolve is different from decision. People who simply decide to fix their health have gotten the idea that it’s a good thing to do. Deciding helps you to build the foundation for resolve, but gets you nowhere.

When you’re truly resolved to fix your health and become happy, you break through barriers and start getting lucky.

Resolve implies will power, dedication, and strong determination, three powerful living catalysts of change.

Without the resolve to bring back your health, medicinal herbs don’t work, pills become ineffectual placebos, dietary changes don’t “take,” vitamins and minerals are a waste of money, exercise is hell, and a world of opposition defeats your efforts.

Decisions are shown through talk; resolve is shown through action.

So do yourself a favor and skip decision making. Instead, immediately resolve to turn your health around. Not a single person reading this (nor the author) is as healthy or happy as possible, and the struggle is never-ending.

That’s life!

That’s the result of millions of creatures struggling with and against each other to be the top dog – the one so flexible, steadfast, bright, and spirited that challenges seem like games, and luck becomes as common as gravity.

Before even thinking about how to manage disease, understand that health encompasses happiness, physical strength, spiritual fortitude, intelligence, lifespan, and adaptability to stress, whether physical or mostly intangible.

Health is not just being symptom free! In choosing to continue living your life, you choose to battle constantly with problems.

Health as we know it is not immortality, but resolving to take those problems head-on, proving your dominance mentally, physically, and even spiritually.

Without some sort of understanding of the above, every health objective essentially fails. Because without undying resolve to be healthy, no solution is final.

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