Tea Academy – Everything You Didn’t Know About Tea

tea academy
Freshly-brewed tea is one of the healthiest options when you want to get a caffeine kick. But at the same time as being stimulating, it’s calming! Theanine and other constituents of tea have research-backed health benefits for the nerves, brain, and digestive system — which can help to offset the health-diminishing effects of caffeine, while still allowing you to feel more awake and aware!
For those who are interested in tea, or for those who want to find a way to appreciate its taste and history to be able to enjoy it more, I recommend the Teawala Academy’s video series, Taste Tea Like a Professional. Tea consumption around the world is a big deal, but this is a major knowledge gap for even the most ‘refined’ foodies, chefs, and gourmet tasters. Maybe it’s just the geeky side of me coming out, but the more I learn about this plant, the more I enjoy my tea drinks. For me, that means spending too much money…! (Note: tea ranges widely in price.) But for others, it might make the difference between keeping on health-destroying caffeinated drinks and switching to white, green, oolong, black, or pu’er tea — each with its own unique taste and health benefits!
I think Mona, the lady behind Teawala Academy, is doing an early-bird price cut on this video series. Check it out!
-Colby (not affiliated by the way)
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