One Free Medicine Everyone Needs!

“Nature Itself Is The Best Physician”  ~ Hippocrates

Go Outside!

This won’t be one of those complex, reference-ridden slogs that most of you are getting used to seeing when reading about natural health. Plain and simple, go outside!

If you’re trapped in a stress-box called a house, doing unhealthy things like staring for hours on end at a television or frying up greasy dinner for the third night in a row… go outside!

If your kids are driving you nuts, go outside! If you feel absent-minded or depressed, go outside! If you’re quitting smoking or your life takes a turn for the worse, go outside!

Go outside to see the rain, feel the wind, and soak in the sun. Rain contains things like the chemical MSM, which is great for your joints and skin! The sun is pure waking energy, and gives your body the ability to create Vitamin D, without which you’d probably have no bones or nerves! All three, including the wind, trigger hormones and neurotransmitters and stimulate your organs, cleansing them of caked-on toxins and eroding accumulated stress!

And what else is great about being outside? Count your daily stressors. Now tell yourself how many of those are related to being inside a building, doing the same old thing every day, or being around things or people that, even if you feel like you love, honestly put you out of a healthy state of mind. If you drop it all and go outside for even ten minutes, I bet you’ll return less frustrated, stressed, sad, and angry.

Being outside renews the body and sets us apart from our worries.

Adventure rarely happens in a building, but it’s the number one way to mix things up! By regularly going out and doing things “just for the hell of it,” or “to see what’s around the corner,” you can abolish the humdrum static of near-religious daily habits, like this: wake up, eat breakfast, kiss wife, go to work, smoke at break time, finish work while complaining, go home, microwave [burrito; pizza; soup], watch a rerun, go to bed, wake up….

Who are the healthiest people you know? …Nope! You’re probably not thinking about kids, are you? Kids go outside to play and discover, because unlike adults, they know they haven’t seen it all! Coincidentally, the age they stop doing that is when they start to get mean and lose passion for life.

All a part of growing up, right? I don’t think so – rather, it’s a part of health and spirit being squashed.

Unless you live in a city, outside there are wild plants a hundred times more nutritious than the ones you buy at the grocery store.

Sometimes water falls from the sky, and it’s even better than the bottled crap with names that spell “naive” backwards!

Microscopic pollen particles bombard you, insect species unstudied skitter underfoot, and medicinal dirts like bentonite clay wait patiently for you to discover their little-known benefits for colon cancer and melanoma.

And how often do you feel inclined to exercise indoors? Outside and exercise are like peanut butter and jelly.

To quote Hippocrates, “walking is man’s best medicine.” Even without knowing the hundreds of scientifically validated  benefits of walking, a person should know that it’s hands down the most natural and gentle way to get fit… and it’s effortless!

People are like deaf milk cows when it comes to exercise; not even Zombie Hitler leaping up from the ground and chasing them would get’m moving. You don’t need exercise equipment or videos, and no instructors are necessary – just go outside and walk, even if you bring your annoying iGadgets and cheese puffs!

Chronic Excuse-Making Disease and Depressing Cave Troll Disorder are singly more dangerous to your health and happiness than car pollution and seasonal allergies combined. So for heaven’s sake or by jove, go outside and be a kid again!

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