Navigating Cancer




Would you buy the house across the street because it was the only one you knew about?  Would you buy a Volkswagon because it was the only car dealer in town?  NO!  So why would you make a decision as important as cancer treatment if you don’t know about all of the available options? 

People are frightened when they receive a diagnosis of cancer, so they immediately make the appointment with the oncologist they are referred to and then rely on their oncologist’s advice/opinion for available options for treatments.

Why Is This A Problem?

Well first, unfortunately, just as we’ve learned that doctors are not trained in nutrition, they are also not taught ANY other options outside of the western “standard of care” practices (cut, poison, burn).  This is just an unfortunate fact.

Second, isn’t this a little like taking your car to a mechanic and just giving them free reign to replace parts?  The oncologist is, literally, the ONLY medical practitioner who can legally buy drugs (chemo) at wholesale and then sell them to you (or your insurance company) at retail.  In fact, sometimes they even buy the medications that are on “special” that month in bulk for an even better discount.  This means even bigger profits.  Now, I would like to think that this doesn’t influence the advice you are given.  But that would just be naive to believe that all doctors are honest and do not take money into consideration.  

I have always believed in personal choice.  You should have the right to choose what type of therapy or treatment you use when you are fighting for your life!  But how would you know what to choose, when you are not given all of the available options? 

For many reasons that I won’t go into here, non-toxic natural therapies are rarely, if ever, talked about in the media.  Therefore, most people don’t have any idea that they even exist.  This is where I (and the internet!) come in. 

I am not the expert.  Let’s start there!  I have learned enough about this area that I know what I would do… and I know what I would tell my family.  What I will tell you, however, is to read the info I provide, and then RESEARCH for yourself!  I want you to become your best expert!  This puts the power back in your hands!

The Power Of An Informed Decision

The only way to know that you are being given good information (western medicine or not) is to use your critical thinking skills, logic, and personal knowledge from a whole lot of studying! 

Lastly, not every therapy is best for every cancer.  So please read all available information, not just what I provide, and even talk to other cancer survivors who have had similar cancers and find out what they did.  That is super important!  I will be sharing not only many therapies, but information on clinics that I’ve learned about all over the world, as well as many survivor stories!  There is ALWAYS hope! 

Cancer is not a death sentence!