Miscellaneous Frick-A-Frack

Hola!  Good Morning!  As I sit here wearing a cRaZy Honey Girl mask – looking a little like Shrek’s partner – I had some random thoughts I wanted to share with you! 

I have been dragging my feet getting my blog out to the peeps.  I admit it.  Yes, there have been real-life interruptions, but instead of using them as fuel – I’ve used them as excuses.  I’ll admit, I’m certainly NO perfectionist (stop laughing Mr. Twisted!)  But, for some reason, I find myself holding back until everything is perfect. 

Well, guess what?  That’s NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!  Ha! 

I’ve been super excited to share amazing, health boosting info.  However, this blog-thing has made me grow and learn in areas I wasn’t expecting!  Let me just say, building a website from scratch, when you are no kind of techy-type, is not easy!  There are so many aspects to it! 

*Taking a bow to the Geeks of the world* 

My most recent road block of imperfection is the recipe side of things!  I want to share with you what I do, what I learn, what I change, and even what I try – whether it’s a disaster or not.  When you look at other blogs with their absolutely beautiful food pictures, I find myself holding back on posting my own! 

A chef I am not.  Let’s just get that outta the way right now!  I took a pic of my morning smoothie, and well, I have some room for growth in the photography field – staging, background and all of that.  BUT!  I’ve made the conscious decision to share ALL of my imperfections with you.  You know why?

Because I am an imperfect, crazy, random, mix-n-match, quirky, 100% nutty girl, and there is no hiding that fact!  No matter how hard I try, lol!

I just am who I am.  You know what though?  I think that will hopefully resonate with you guys even more.  We are all on a JOURNEY for good health, better skin, a smaller waistline, lush hair, happy attitudes, and good relationships!  Right?  (Or is it really just me after all?) 

SO, I will be sharing my horrible imperfect pictures with you.  I talk a lot about listening to your body.  So, that’s what I did with my smoothie this morning.  I included ingredients that would help HEAL my skin, as well as a tendon issue I’m dealing with in my wrist.  Both skin and tendons rely on collagen to repair themselves.  Collagen needs protein.  smoothie

Because I don’t eat as much protein as I probably should, this morning I added some pure, 100% organic grass-fed whey protein to my smoothie.  I also included some good spinach and whole milk kefir for the digestion as well as a little more protein, collagen – again for healing, some beautiful red antioxidants (raspberries and strawberries), and lots of healthy fats!  Yep… I used intuition to build my smoothie…because


 Anywho, I’m getting very excited to start this new journey in my life with you!  I really look forward not only to sharing things with you, but also hearing from you all! 

Love & Veggies

Kim xoxo

P.S.  I will be working on those photography skillz!  So, hopefully as we go along they will at least be easier to look at!  Right now, they remind me a little of the whole “nailed it” series….ha!  🙂




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