Low Carb Success – Couple Loses Combined 600 lbs But Finds Love

low carb success

There’s only one thing better than a low carb success story.  When it’s actually two… and a love story to boot!  Ronnie Brower, 32, found himself at rock bottom.  At rock bottom in 2013, he says:

“I was depressed, addicted to pills and alcohol, eating 10 double cheeseburgers or two large pizzas at a time.  My turning point was, my doctor told me if I kept on like this I’d be dead before I was 30. I was 28.”

So he decided to something about it.  He gave up drugs and alcohol, went low carb, and began to work out.  Meanwhile, at the gym, somebody else took notice.  Andrea Masella, 24, who was on her own mission to lose weight thought he was “super cute.”

They fell in love, creating a bond over their shared goal.  Brower ultimately lost 458 lbs.  Masella lost 120 lbs.  But together – they’ve gained a lifetime.  How’s that for inspiration? 

See the full story here:

AP News

Ronnie Before & After

low carb success

Andrea's Before & After

low carb success
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