Keto and CBD Helped This Disabled Vet Lose Over 150 Pounds

keto and cbd

Husband and father, Jason Genet, has lost approximately 150 lbs. (so far) using a ketogenic diet and CBD oil after a little blunt truth from his oncologist.

Jason, you are dying; you are on the verge of damaging your liver to the point of no return.  You won’t qualify for a liver transplant.  You will need to make changes or make plans for the end.

So Jason came up with these three things: keto, no drinking, and stay away from pain pills — even aspirin.  “Sure enough, pretty much everything I was taking to help with pain was actually hurting my liver — probably killing me.  Even now it is hard to say, 100 percent, being fat was killing me.”

Because of his liver damage, Jason turned to an alternative method to control his pain, CBD (cannabidiol), the legal, non-psychoactive part of the hemp plant.  This enabled him to exercise in addition to his new low-carb lifestyle. jason genet

The simplicity of keto and the results of keto are really lifesaving techniques.  I call it the keto lifestyle vs. the keto diet.  I have done plenty of diets, but this is a life change.  My bloodwork, my weight, my shape, and my life are all improving every day thanks to keto, CBD, and loving, supporting family.

And speaking of family, one terrific side effect of Jason lifestyle change?  The people around him were inspired to make positive changes as well!  Not only did his wife lose approximately 50 pounds, but his mother lost well over 70 pounds.   In fact, his mom has gone from needing full-time oxygen tanks and COPD issues to buying skinny jeans — and she just turned in her oxygen tanks!

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