1.  Why did you name the site Twisted Veggies?:  Honestly, I spent a couple weeks literally putting all sorts of things together to make sure it wasn’t taken, it didn’t look weird in the address bar, and it couldn’t be rhymed with anything horrible.  Trust me, my family just wanted me to “just pick it already”!  I wanted something fun, memorable, and a little quirky like me! 
  2. Are you a vegetarian/vegan website?:  Umm, nope!  Lol.
  3. What is the best diet to follow?:  Well, here’s the thing… everyone is different.  What is good for one is poison for another, for many reasons.  More than anything, I believe we need to learn to listen to our body again. Using that tool, we’ll find what works best for OUR body, which is most important.  I personally follow a low glycemic/paleo way of eating, because that’s what makes me feel best.  So you are likely to see recipes that fall into that same category simply because it’s what I’ll be cooking in my home.  I have a real hang up with people who think their way is the only way and if you don’t follow their ideas you can’t be healthy.  I welcome everyone, raw vegan, vegetarian, paleo, whatever!  We all have our place.  As long as you are working towards being the best “you” that you can be, we can all get along!
  4. Why don’t you pursue your education and become a health coach?:  No thank you!  LOL!  I want to share great information that people can use in their healing journey, but it hurts my heart too much to be that attached to it.  The sharing of information for people to take responsibility for their own health is SO much more my cup of tea.  <3
  5. Where did you learn your food photography skills?:  Bahahaha!  Ok nobody asked this… ever.  I’m still trying to grow and learn in all the aspects of running a blog, and food photography is one of those skills that need honing.  Many of the pictures I use with the recipes are professional pics I’ve found until then.  Who would want to try the recipe if the picture isn’t appetizing?  🙂