Everything You Know About Healthy Food Is A Lie

Is everything that you’ve heard or learned about healthy eating true?  Has it been based on science… or is it a giant marketing ploy by Big Food? 

According to this article, this food industry insider knows a lot about what is going on:

The New York Post: Everything You Know About Healthy Food Is a Lie

The food industry financed nutritional studies that influenced the USDA guidelines and doctors, meaning that the advice you’re getting is, at least in part, a marketing campaign

This is not an isolated incident either.  Studies are most often funded by the very people who will profit from results that support their efforts.

The results, rooted in a conflict of interest, are then used by companies to market to you.  And boy are you being marketed to… from television to social media, and grocery stores to food labels.  In fact, according to Jeff Scot Philips, author of “Big Fat Food Fraud: Confessions of a Health-Food Hustler”:

The cold truth is: Food labels aren’t there to educate you,” he writes. “They’re there to help market to you.

So what can you do?  Here are his three pieces of advice: 

  1. Eat more protein and less sugar.
  2. Avoid processed food or anything that comes in a box. 
  3. Ignore marketing terms and nutrition labels, because they aren’t educating us the way we think they are.

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Big Fat Food Fraud: Confessions Of A Health Food Hustler

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