Eating Clean Can Be Affordable With Things Like This!

“Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.”   ~ Walt Disney

Finally!  Someone actually listened to me!  Well, okay, maybe they came up with it on their own, but I have been suggesting this to the grocery stores for years!  “You need a frequent shopper program!”, I’d say.  “There should be rewards for those of us who are here all the time!”, I’d say.  Then of course they would laugh, while they processed my credit card. 

Finally!  A frequent shopper program!  I’m super happy that  Natural Grocers has stepped up to the plate!

All you have to do is go to Natural Grocers “Join” webpage and enter your info.  Don’t forget to select your store!  Once you’ve enrolled, you just enter your phone number in the keypad while they are checking out your groceries and each purchase will accumulate new points!  You will receive an automatic email with a button to click on and the reward will be loaded to your account.

Even more awesome, if you go into your account on their website and check off coupons that interest you (I just check them all, just in case!), when you have entered your phone number and they total out your purchases, it will AUTOMATICALLY deduct any applicable coupons!  That just ROCKS!  It’s a perfect design for well-intended people like myself, who clip coupons and then forget to bring them!  🙂  (Now if only they would automatically bring my bags in to the store with me – I’d be all set, haha!)

Anyway, I make no money for telling you this amazing little secret!  I just think it’s awesome when a store sees that rewarding their customers for loyalty is a good thing!  Because it is! 

Every little discount makes a difference! Thank you Natural Grocers!  I <3 you!





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