“Bought” – The Documentary That Exposes The Hidden Truths About Vaccines, GMOs, And Pharmaceuticals

“Your health is now brought to you by Wall Street. If you thought they hurt us with the banks, wait ’til you see what they are doing to our health care.” – Jeff Hays, “Bought”

I have a super exciting gift for you!  Thanks to a good friend, I was able to share this documentary with you guys for FREE!  This is a special opportunity to watch a very important film & share it with everyone you know! 

Bought jumps right into the inner workings of the food and pharmaceutical industries, and exposes many of the dirty little secrets that you need to, but don’t, know about.  

Filmmaker Jeff Hays exposes how all of these industries have merged to become one big superpower – backed by the political system – and are now indistinguishably linked to the point that it’s hard to tell them apart.   

Hays believes that we have a right to the truth.  As I say over and over, without truth, it is impossible to make educated decisions about your health, food, and medicine!  Nothing will change until enough people raise their voices and make a fuss!

According to Hays:

“From opiates, to statins, to a blizzard of psychotropic medications that do far more harm than good, the film covers how our entire health care system, from education to practice, has been Bought… three story lines converge on Wall Street, in a tale of corruption, greed and shocking lack of conscience.”

 Don’t miss out on this opportunity while it’s FREE for everyone to view.  Watch it & share it!  We need to open our minds, open our eyes, and educate ourselves so that we are capable of making informed decisions for ourselves and our families! 

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